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Wondershare Player ws_convererex.dll Hijacking Vulnerability

Disclosed November 27, 2013    Zeroday : 686 days

Vulnerability Description:

Wondershare Player is vulnerable to DLL hijacking via the ws_converterex.dll library. Attackers can place a malicious version of this library on a share, as well as an avi file to be opened in Wondershare Player to trigger the vulnerability.



Vulnerable Software/Devices:

Wondershare Player 1.6.0 and possibly prior versions

Vulnerability Severity:


Exploit Availability:

Publicly Available

Exploit Impact:

Remote Code Execution
Exploitation of this vulnerability is possible through the use of methods like drive-by attacks. Remote attackers who successfully exploit this vulnerability will be able to execute code on the vulnerable system with the same rights as the currently logged on user.

BeyondTrust Prevention and Detection:

BeyondTrust's Retina® Network Security Scanner scans devices to detect for this vulnerability.

  • 31707 - Wondershare Player ws_convererex.dll Hijacking Vulnerability (Zero-Day)
  • 31708 - Wondershare Player ws_convererex.dll Hijacking Vulnerability (Zero-Day) - OS X


Block ports 139 and 445 at the perimeter firewall, prevent the WebClient service from running, and prevent DLLs from being loaded from WebDAV and remote shares.