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Unspecified Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Adobe Reader

Disclosed February 12, 2013    Fully Patched

Vulnerability Description:

An unknown Adobe Reader vulnerability is being leveraged in the wild. The unspecified vulnerability allows for remote code execution within the context of the currently logged on user. Reports indicate that the exploit leveraging this vulnerability drops two DLLs: the first DLL shows a fake error message and opens a PDF document to distract the user, while the second DLL connects to a remote domain, most likely for command and communication purposes.



Vulnerable Software/Devices:

Successful exploitation observed in the following:
Adobe Reader 9.5.3
Adobe Reader 10.1.5
Adobe Reader 11.0.1

Vulnerability Severity:


Exploit Availability:


Exploit Impact:

Remote Code Execution
Remote Code Execution Exploitation of these vulnerabilities is possible through the use of methods like drive-by attacks. Remote attackers who successfully exploit this vulnerability will be able to execute code on the vulnerable system with the same rights as the currently logged on user.

BeyondTrust Prevention and Detection:



Enable Protected View in Adobe Reader. This can be accomplished by choosing the "Files from potentially unsafe locations" option in the Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) menu.

Additionally, do not open PDFs from untrusted sources, or PDFs that you receive unexpectedly from trusted sources.




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