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One Half of All Android Users Are Vulnerable to Lastest Attack

Posted September 24, 2014    Morey Haber

On September 1st, a new bug was quietly leaked that has far reaching ramifications for all Android users. The bug is in the open source Android Browser that is a part of the webkit, Android Open Source Platform (AOSP). The vulnerability allows malicious sites to inject JavaScript into other sites. The result is the ability…

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Identifying Android Phone Vulnerabilities that Threaten Your Corporate Network

Posted May 20, 2014    Morey Haber

According to a recent McKinsey survey, more than 80% of employees now use personal smartphones for work-related purposes. Vulnerable smartphones can spread malware to business infrastructure via emailed attachments and to corporate networks through bots. Assessing mobile devices for vulnerabilities that could lead to infections and data manipulation is therefore a real concern for data…

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