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Video: eEye’s Support of Government Standards

For many years now, eEye has had a strong partnership with the government to help both educate and support important security standards that help to create a common language and framework for security technologies to inter-operate. We have led the way with supporting many government security standards and frameworks within our products and typically well…

Post by Marc Maiffret September 7, 2010
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Coming out sixes and eights…

We arrived in Las Vegas Tuesday evening for BlackHat and linked up with everyone at the Caesars Hotel lobby bar. The Caesars lobby bar has become a staple of BlackHat as it creates a really great environment of both hackers and IT folks having a few drinks and talking more openly about what is happening in…

Post by Marc Maiffret July 29, 2010

Blackhat USA 2010 or Bust

It is that time of year again when many information security professionals make their journey to Las Vegas for the annual BlackHat security conference.  Some of eEye R&D will be attending this year and we wanted to offer you our picks for the talks we are most excited to see. There’s a party at Ring0…

Post by Marc Maiffret July 26, 2010

Marc Maiffret: I’m Back at eEye

As you now know, I’m back at the company I co-founded, serving as CTO of eEye. It has been a few years, but my heart never left this company. To me, eEye has always been an idea greater than any product. It is the idea that modern societies will become increasingly dependent on technology, not just…

Post by Marc Maiffret July 12, 2010