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DEP Down Part 2: Why is DEP failing?

In the first part of the series “DEP Down”, we discussed how DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is not always enabled on the application targeted by attackers. When it is enabled, it can be defeated in a number of ways: Return-to-libc attacks These attacks, while normally limited to simple system commands, will always evade DEP as…

Post by The eEye Research Team October 21, 2010
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DEP Down: Part 1

Today we continue our series of technical blogs with a blog about DEP (Data Execution Prevention). There are many good blogs and articles about DEP which go into great detail over the what, where, when and how’s of DEP and as such, I will only keep the introduction at a very minimum. Please follow the…

Post by The eEye Research Team October 14, 2010