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RIP Section 179 Benefits on December 31, 2010

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, which was extended to 2009 and 2010, is now coming to an end this year and the associated benefits with Section 179 will also be lost to businesses. Section 179 of the IRS tax code encourages businesses to buy equipment/software and invest in themselves to help spur our economy.

Post by Peter McCalister November 23, 2010

Can Eliminating Admin Rights Reduce My Virus Protection Problems?

So you’ve invested heavily in antivirus software but still seem to have to deal with the latest viruses, trojans, ransomware until your AV provider can can formulate and download the cure. The question that should be top of mind is whether or not there is a way to prevent or at least limit malware from ever even entering your IT environment?

Post by Peter McCalister November 22, 2010
Potect With Confidence

Top 10 Reasons To Implement Least Privilege for Linux Servers

In the spirit of keeping blog posts informative, short and fun, this one takes a cue from David Letterman in format. So without further fanfare or wasted space… the Top 10 Reasons to Implement Least Privilege on Linux Servers are:

Post by Peter McCalister November 19, 2010
DOI Finds fault

Have the Feds Stumbled Upon a Global Cybersecurity Predicament?

The Department of the Interior Inspector General has issued a report that is critical of the agency’scybersecurity performance, summarizing that its efforts fall short of the federal government requirements. For example, the security levels of certain types of IT systems were not categorized correctly.

Post by Peter McCalister November 18, 2010

The Reality of “The Dirty Dozen” and why I love Google Chrome

If you have been following your security news the last couple of days you will have seen that there have been a handful of headlines about the “Dirty Dozen” most vulnerable applications with Google Chrome coming in at number one. Just from that fact alone I became quickly suspicious on the science behind the calculations…

Post by Marc Maiffret November 17, 2010
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Computerworld’s Advice Still Relies Too Much on Trust

In a Computerworld article, last week, exploring the ‘scary side of virtualization’, the reporter, took some time out in a sidebar, to offer some sage staffing advice.

Post by Peter McCalister November 17, 2010

Vulnerability Management in a Data Warehouse

Have you ever been asked, “How long has that vulnerability been in our systems?” Have you ever wondered if your patch management process is keeping up with the number of new vulnerabilities being identified? Keep reading…

Post by Morey Haber November 16, 2010
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Linux Proliferation Raises Security & Compliance Alerts

The Linux Foundation recently conducted a survey of Linux users who represent the largest enterprise companies and government agencies. The survey found that Linux is poised for growth in the coming years, with 76.4 percent of companies planning to add more Linux servers in the next year.

Post by Peter McCalister November 16, 2010
Bomb 2

Ping, Twitter, Social Media & Admin Privileges

The other day Twitter introduced some new features that integrates with Apple’s Ping to help users share music through Twitter, which sparked some renewed conversation about social media in the workplace.

Post by Peter McCalister November 15, 2010

Virtualization Security Roundup

There have been some great articles, data, surveys and analyst reports over the last few weeks on virtualization security and I wanted to share and consolidate some of those here. Jon Brodkin of Network World on how “most virtualized workloads are being deployed insecurely” but they don’t have to be. He speaks to hypervisor vulnerabilities…

Post by Peter McCalister November 12, 2010