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March VEF Participant Wins a Kindle Fire

As you all know, every month we host our Vulnerability Expert Forum (VEF) webinar. This is a time where our experts share valuable insight regarding new vulnerabilities that are discovered and the actions that need to be taken as a result. It’s a quick way to get up to speed on current potential risks to…

Post by Sarah Lieber April 11, 2012
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – April 2012

April is upon us, and for Patch Tuesday Microsoft delivered six security bulletins, patching a total of eleven vulnerabilities. MS12-027 is the most urgent, as Microsoft has rated it critical and has stated that there are targetted attacks leveraging this vulnerability – patch this one first.

Post by Chris Silva April 10, 2012

People are Less Forgiving of Insider Threats than Outside Hacks

A new study says that people are more likely to file a lawsuit against a company that experienced a data breach if that breach was the result of unauthorized disclosure or disposal of data than if the breach happened due to an outside hack. The study, titled Empirical Analysis of Data Breach Litigation, says “plaintiffs…

Post by Peter McCalister April 6, 2012

Firewalls Not Preventing Data Breaches? Try a Dose of Least Privilege

An article was published last month indicating a malware-infected computer at ConnecticutCollege was the cause of the breach of 18,000 social security numbers of teachers, employees, and student workers. According to the report, “a computer in the CCSU business office was infected in December, and sat on the system for eight days before it was…

Post by Peter McCalister April 4, 2012

The Least Privilege Ecosystem

It took Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union nearly one year to notify its members of a data breach, which involved employees improperly accessing customer names, addresses and the last four digits of their Social Security numbers. As a result of the data breach, the credit union plans to have employees participate in a new training…

Post by Peter McCalister April 3, 2012
Virtual Sprawl PowerBroker Severs Enterprise

Virtual Machines Sprouting in Your Datacenter Require Security and Control

Are your virtual machines like weeds that continue to pop up everywhere? This is often referred to as virtual machine (VM) sprawl. VM sprawl can weaken your security posture, making your systems vulnerable to both external and internal threats. In Subbu’s blog last week, he discussed how advanced persistent threats (APT) can utilize privileged access…

Post by Peter McCalister April 2, 2012

Exploitability in Context

Every year there are literally tens of thousands of new vulnerabilities discovered across the various software and hardware technologies we rely upon every day. Simple math would seem to dictate an impossible task to manage all of these vulnerabilities and to make the real-world, priority-based decisions on them. Vulnerability management is one thing, but for…

Post by Alejandro DaCosta March 28, 2012
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Nefarious and Angry Employees Still a Primary Threat to Organizations

A new Ponemon study reports that the number of data breaches caused by malicious attacksincreased from 31 percent in 2010 to 37 percent in 2011, with malicious insiders being responsible for 33 percent of attacks. In the report Ponemon states, “We think about the evil hacker, which is pretty serious stuff, but in our study,…

Post by Peter McCalister March 26, 2012

Least Privilege Can Reduce Malware

If you’re like most companies, you’ve invested heavily in antivirus software. But are you still having to deal with the latest viruses, trojans, and ransomware? Are you having to wait until your AV provider can fix the latest bugs and get you the cure, while your network is left open and unprotected? Instead of asking…

Post by Peter McCalister March 23, 2012
perimeter within

Security from Data Breaches Start from Within

Keeping the bad guys out is what comes to mind for a lot of us when we think of securing our companies’ IT environment. And to be honest, this mindsit might very well be the reason we hear about so many data breaches. Companies are getting hit with breach and breach of sensitive information despite…

Post by Peter McCalister March 22, 2012