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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – October 2010

Posted October 13, 2010    Chris Silva

Wow. Microsoft has outdone itself this time, releasing 16 security bulletins for October – a personal best for them. That puts them at 86 for the year – so I’m pegging the over / under for 2010 security bulletins at 100. Microsoft patched quite a few zero day vulnerabilities this month, most notably in MS10-073,…

New eEye Zero-Day Tracker Site is Up!

Posted September 22, 2010    Marc Maiffret

We are excited to announce the re-launch of our Zero-Day Tracker service. The Zero-Day Tracker, or ZDT, is your one-stop resource for an at-a-glance view of existing Zero-Day vulnerabilities. This includes descriptions of the extent and impact of the vulnerability and any potential mitigation that your IT team could take against a given Zero-Day vulnerability….

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – September 2010

Posted September 14, 2010    Chris Silva

Well, our friends in Redmond have been busy these past few months.  Not only did they release 15 security bulletins in August, but they followed up with an additional 9 bulletins this month. From this month’s bulletins, administrators should pay particular notice to MS10-061, MS10-063 and MS10-068.  Note that MS10-061 is being used in the…

DLL Preloading Attacks in the Wild

Posted August 24, 2010    The eEye Research Team

After several public discussions and the swift patching of Apple iTunes, Microsoft has issued the security advisory KB2269637  to address DLL Hijacking or Preloading vulnerabilities within all versions of Microsoft Windows. This advisory covers a 10 year old flaw within the Windows operating system and how it handles the loading of Dynamic Link Libraries (.DLL…

Microsoft Patch Tuesday – August 2010

Posted August 10, 2010    Chris Silva

As everyone knows by now, this was a gigantic patch Tuesday with Microsoft delivering 14 security bulletins (in addition to the out-of-band bulletin from last week).  On top of that, Adobe patched Flash and ColdFusion.  It is once again going to be a long night for IT and security engineers everywhere. One important thing to note is…

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – June 2010

Posted June 8, 2010    Chris Silva

Before we get into today’s details, apologies for the lack of an advanced notification post last Thursday – I was out of the office and good ghost writers are hard to find these days. As for the security bulletins, Microsoft answered back with ten this month – gone is the hope of leaving at a…


Microsoft Patch Tuesday – May 2010

Posted May 11, 2010    Chris Silva

Well, as mentioned on Thursday, it was a relatively small Patch Tuesday from Microsoft. Here are our recommendations for the two security updates. You can find our full write-up in newsletter format here. MS10-030 – Vulnerability in Outlook Express and Windows Mail Could Allow Remote Code Execution (978542) Administrators are urged to roll out this…

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Advanced Notification – May 2010

Posted May 6, 2010    Chris Silva

It’s that time again, and Microsoft has just released their advanced notification for next week’s Patch Tuesday. Luckily for those still recovering from the April Patch Tuesday, this month should be a bit easier. Microsoft has announced it will be releasing two patches. They have been classified as: * Critical (2 Patches) All currently supported…

Microsoft Revises MS10-025 – Says “Please Stand By”

Posted April 22, 2010    Chris Silva

Yesterday, Microsoft released a major revision to MS10-025 (Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Media Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution). While Microsoft revises security bulletins frequently, rarely do you see a major revision within a week of the original release. The reason for this revision is that “the original security update did not protect systems from…

Patch Tuesday Updates

Posted April 13, 2010    Chris Silva

As promised, here are the recommendations related to today’s Patch Tuesday. You can find our full write-up in newsletter format here. MS10-019 – Vulnerabilities in Windows Could Allow Remote Code Execution (981210) Administrators are urged to roll out this patch as soon as possible to all Windows systems. Until these systems are patched, it is…