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We’re Getting Pumped up for RSA

Here at BeyondTrust we’re getting pumped up for RSA, which takes place Feb 24th – 27th, 2014! This year in San Francisco we’re going to demonstrate how our PowerBroker Privilege Management and Retina Vulnerability Management solutions ensure that IT environments are healthy and ready to fend off threats. We’ll also be featuring some amazing “feats…

Post by Sarah Lieber January 30, 2014
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Retina Audits for Target POSRAM Malware

By now, you’ve heard of the POSRAM malware used against retail giant Target to steal customers’ payment card information from point-of-sale terminals. If you have not heard of POSRAM, or are unfamiliar with how it works, the malware scans processes’ memory for credit card information and periodically uploads that information to an attacker controlled server….

Post by BeyondTrust Research Team January 29, 2014

Retina Performs Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

SANS Critical Control 4 specifies criteria for continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation. This specification calls for vulnerabilities to be continuously assessed, correlated, and reported upon in real-time based on public disclosure and identification of new or changed assets. Critical Control 4 is mandated by many government agencies, and requires prompt automated remediation that adheres to…

Post by Morey Haber January 28, 2014
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Marc Maiffret Interviewed on Fox News: How Safe is Consumer Data on the ObamaCare Website?

Yesterday, Marc Maiffret appeared as a special guest of “The Willis Report” on Fox News where he discussed how safe consumer data is on the ObamaCare website. As background, according to news reports, ObamaCare continues to leave consumer data vulnerable to theft months after security problems were first exposed. In the wake of a Christmas-season…

Post by Mike Yaffe January 17, 2014
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January 2014 Patch Tuesday

Welcome to 2014! This month is a light month for Patch Tuesday bulletins. Microsoft has released patches for Microsoft Word and Office Web Apps, the Windows Kernel (and drivers), and Microsoft Dynamics AX. There are a total of four bulletins addressing six unique vulnerabilities; all of which are rated as important. The NDProxy zero-day vulnerability…

Post by BeyondTrust Research Team January 14, 2014
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