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The Least Privilege Ecosystem

It took Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union nearly one year to notify its members of a data breach, which involved employees improperly accessing customer names, addresses and the last four digits of their Social Security numbers. As a result of the data breach, the credit union plans to have employees participate in a new training…

Post by Peter McCalister April 3, 2012
Virtual Sprawl PowerBroker Severs Enterprise

Virtual Machines Sprouting in Your Datacenter Require Security and Control

Are your virtual machines like weeds that continue to pop up everywhere? This is often referred to as virtual machine (VM) sprawl. VM sprawl can weaken your security posture, making your systems vulnerable to both external and internal threats. In Subbu’s blog last week, he discussed how advanced persistent threats (APT) can utilize privileged access…

Post by Peter McCalister April 2, 2012