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New Least Privilege Book Garners Initial Reviews

Two weeks ago a new book called “Preventing Good People From Doing Bad Things” was published by Apress Media, and I even published the top 10 reasons to buy the book last week in this blog, but why take my word for it when you can look to those independent reviewers for unbiased insight?. Bob…

Post by Peter McCalister November 4, 2011

Close Your Virtual App Security Gap

Virtual apps, and specifically those deployed by market leading VMware’s ThinApp technology, are becoming increasingly popular in the financial services and healthcare-related fields, as well as with government agencies.   Why?  The technology allows IT teams easily streamline application mobility and eliminate application conflicts on the desktop, which at the end of the day, means…

Post by Mike Puterbaugh November 3, 2011

It’s the Little Things That Count

As we discussed several times, enterprise IT security isn’t easy. As recent article at Dark Reading makes clear, part of the reason is that even the smallest flaw can lead to a major security breach.

Post by Peter McCalister November 3, 2011
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13 Data Breaches Preventable WIth Least Privilege

Most companies fear the cost of data breaches more than anything, while others fear the embarassing negative publicity wich can have even great negative impact on their organization when misuse of privilege makes the national news.

Post by Peter McCalister November 2, 2011
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Why To Consider Partners As Potential Insider Threats Too

In early September BeyondTrust CMO Brian Anderson covered the news around Stanford Hospital & Clinics medical privacy breach that resulted in 20,000 patients’ personal data being publicly available on a website for nearly a year. At the time the breach was first reported by The New York Times, it was unclear how the data made it onto the website.

Post by Peter McCalister November 1, 2011