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Accidental Harm

Top 10 Reasons To Bridge UNIX, Linux And Mac To Active Directory

In the spirit of keeping blog posts informative, short and fun, this one takes a cue from David Letterman in format. So without further fanfare or wasted space… as David Letterman would say, “Here’s today’s top ten”… zingers related to securing your Linux, Unix, and Mac systems with Active Directory. Funny on a blog but not very funny if they happen in your IT environment!

Post by Peter McCalister September 2, 2011

Appliance, Software, or SaaS: Choosing the Best Deployment Option

Businesses tend to prefer appliances or software for new solution deployments. There are many reasons why from ease of deployment, to complete ownership of the host and the application.  Unfortunately, sometimes departmental whims are not always the best solution for the company. There are several factors from deployment to security policies that may warrant a…

Post by Morey Haber September 1, 2011