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Insider Villain Introduced: Disgruntled Dave

In order to put a face on the depth and breadth of potential insiders that can be found throughout your enterprise, I will introduce you to three insider villains and three insider heroes. Each villain will represent one of the key misuse of privileges and each hero will represent key values delivered by least privilege. This first introduction will be of the most impactful and prevalent villain.

Post by Peter McCalister July 11, 2011
cross bridge

We’ll Cross that Active Directory Bridge When We Come to it

It seems like you can’t turn on the news or surf the web without hearing about yet another data breach or information security attack, all of which lead to further consumer unrest and corporate concern about the protection of their own sensitive data. The security structure within most organizations generally provides a multitude of security mechanisms designed to provide protection of sensitive information, but with so many different aspects of security to consider, IT administrators and security officers need to be sure not to overlook the Active Directory.

Post by Peter McCalister July 8, 2011
ID Keys

SUPM, SAPM And The Keys To Your Enterprise

Industry analysts have classified the privilege identity management space into Super User Privileged Management (SUPM) and Shared Account Password Management (SAPM). When it comes to crashing your enterprise systems, destroying data, deleting or creating accounts and changing passwords, it’s not just malicious hackers you need to worry about.

Post by Peter McCalister July 7, 2011
BT Home2

BeyondTrust Launches New Website

I have tried to purposely keep this blog away from anything even remotely BeyondTrust sales-oriented and focus instead on the information, education and proof-points that examine the whys and hows of implementing least privilege across your extended enterprise. Today will be an exception.

Post by Peter McCalister July 6, 2011
Break in

Looking At Security From The Inside Out With Least Privilege

Many organizations have invested heavily in perimeter security, helping to protect against hackers and outside threats, but very few have addressed the weak link in the security chain. Users with excessive privileges are that weak link, and allowing users to make security decisions can have disastrous consequences.

Post by Peter McCalister July 5, 2011
Potect With Confidence

Top 10 Reasons To Implement Least Privilege For Appls & Databases

In the spirit of keeping blog posts informative, short and fun, this one takes a cue from David Letterman in format. So without further fanfare or wasted space… the Top 10 Reasons to Implement Least Privilege for Applications and Databases. How may of these have you seen throughout your organization?

Post by Peter McCalister July 1, 2011