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Important Tips for Endpoint Protection

The guys at “Will it Blend” have done it again.  This time, they have proven through shear brute force that they can blend an iPad. This brute force and physical method for destroying the device is great marketing for their blender and if nothing else, rather entertaining. So, without being so physical, can we destroy…

Post by Morey Haber June 18, 2010
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Mass Infection via SQL Injection of IIS Websites

Multiple security outlets have released reports regarding a mass SQL injection attack that has compromised a large number of public websites – Google search results currently show that over 100,000 pages have been infected. This attack targets Microsoft IIS servers running both ASP and MSSQL.  The automated injection routine appears to leverage a vulnerability in…

Post by Chris Silva June 9, 2010
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday – June 2010

Before we get into today’s details, apologies for the lack of an advanced notification post last Thursday – I was out of the office and good ghost writers are hard to find these days. As for the security bulletins, Microsoft answered back with ten this month – gone is the hope of leaving at a…

Post by Chris Silva June 8, 2010

Securing Your Business’ PCs: Beyond Password Protection

Physically securing a PC from would be thieves is not as simple as having a secure password. Last night my friend and I proved that point. His son “forgot” the password to his Windows XP Desktop. While there are many, many tools on the web to delete a password by booting to an alternate OS…

Post by Morey Haber June 7, 2010
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Avoiding ATM and Credit Card Fraud

The local news is buzzing again about the Powerball (and yes, I play the state lottery). The odds are worse than Vegas and somehow I always fall victim to “you must play to win.” Every time I leave the supermarket I pick up a few tickets from the local vending machine and enter my debit…

Post by Morey Haber June 3, 2010
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How Much of Your Data Can Be Found on the Web?

I came across another website that invades my personal privacy and makes my personal data available to anyone that searches my name. While the results are not 100% accurate, the amount of correct information returned is rather alarming. What makes it more disturbing is that they provide a vehicle to remove your information and also…

Post by Morey Haber June 1, 2010