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Archive for May, 2010

My iPad 3G Issues

I am one of the few hundred thousand people that pre-ordered an iPad several weeks before its release. I pre-ordered the unit with 3G service and it arrived on the last day of April. Before it arrived, Apple had been shipping me all of the accessories that I pre-ordered. Thank goodness the iPad 3G is…

Post by Morey Haber May 24, 2010
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Vulnerability Assessment for Network Devices – Now More Than Ever!

Here is a startling statistic and article written by Dark Reading: More Than One-Third Of Network Devices Show Vulnerabilities when vulnerability data was compiled from 235 different enterprises during vulnerability assessment scans in 2009. Think about this for a minute. One third of their devices had potential security vulnerabilities that could comprise their networks and…

Post by Morey Haber May 19, 2010

Restoring Old Systems and Building New Ones

This weekend I needed to perform a system restore on my son’s notebook. He actually has two systems, one for school (kept pristine) and one that he surfs the web with looking for game mods, cheat codes, etc. The latter is an older Pentium M tablet that acts as a good netbook. If something happens…

Post by Morey Haber May 17, 2010

Tips for ID’ing Your Phone and Laptop

I personally think I have set a new record for going through three Blackberry phones in one week. I had my old phone (which was continuously having runtime errors) for over a year. I received a new unit and after two days it broke (don’t ask) and required a third replacement unit. Like any programmable…

Post by Morey Haber May 14, 2010

Microsoft Patch Tuesday – May 2010

Well, as mentioned on Thursday, it was a relatively small Patch Tuesday from Microsoft. Here are our recommendations for the two security updates. You can find our full write-up in newsletter format here. MS10-030 – Vulnerability in Outlook Express and Windows Mail Could Allow Remote Code Execution (978542) Administrators are urged to roll out this…

Post by Chris Silva May 11, 2010

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Advanced Notification – May 2010

It’s that time again, and Microsoft has just released their advanced notification for next week’s Patch Tuesday. Luckily for those still recovering from the April Patch Tuesday, this month should be a bit easier. Microsoft has announced it will be releasing two patches. They have been classified as: * Critical (2 Patches) All currently supported…

Post by Chris Silva May 6, 2010

Keeping Your Flat File Databases Secure

Let’s move on to something less controversial (complete with new editor). Just a few weeks ago Dark Reading featured an interesting article highlighting the risks and sensitivity of data in flat file database formats. A lot of focus has been placed on database scanning, however users tend to ignore flat file databases used for applications…

Post by Morey Haber May 6, 2010

Penetration Tools (Updated)

The post I had here earlier was worded in a way that was misleading, and I want to rewrite it now so that I’m perfectly clear. Thousands of legitimate individuals and businesses (including eEye) perform penetration testing, which is useful, required by regulatory compliance, and a very important tool in the security industry. Referring to…

Post by Morey Haber May 3, 2010